Anti-Spam Policy

In recent years, there has been extensive development of commercial activity on the Internet. Direct contact between producers and consumers has led to intensive development of new technologies, the absence of intermediaries and taxes, that are favorable factors for Internet entrepreneurs. services provide support and promote development of commercial activity on the Internet. However, the cases of fraud and illegal use of network resources became frequent. In particular, spamming became a serious problem for many clients and for the Internet in general. Spam is a mass mailing of unsolicited information. This includes advertisements, news and etc. Spamware contradicts the General Terms of Service. Such activities lead to the termination of service. The following items contain admissible types of mailings by


The users signed for mailing have to specify the concrete URL-address in a form. The list of mailing has to contain date and time of confirmation of a subscription. The user of the server has to be ready to provide this information on inquiry. The origin of an e-mail address has to be clear. The aim is to find how it will be used. Lists of subscription cannot be procured from the third parties, except if the sender has not acquired them from an organization that sells mailing lists.


People must not change headers of any message in such a way that purposefully distorts a message origin. Inaccessible addresses have to be removed from all future mailings. Users are responsible for observance of any partner programs. The users, using other advertising companies or post programs of the third parties, have to observe Policy of Use of the All mailings have to be provided so that the user could unsubscribe at any time on first request.


Sale of the software developed especially for simplification of spamming is strictly forbidden.


Advertisement messages should not be placed on the message boards, forums, guest books or any other such services, if the service operator prohibits the publication of such reports.

Disconnection reserves the right to disconnect any account if there are reasonable suspicions of the spamming. Faults associated with spam should be resolved within 72 hours. Absence of the answer during this time, can lead to blocking of the user’s account.

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