Terms of Service is the supplier of information connected to the Internet, it provides services of storage and data transmission by means of access to its web server; The customer intends to use the server for the own purposes; In view of that Internet is impossible to control, doesn't give any guarantees that users will have opportunity to get access to the server at any moment. makes all reasonable efforts to make its server available, and also minimizes risks of interruption of service; In view of the mutual promises containing in this document, the parties agreed as follows;

Financial agreements

1. The client agrees that all payments and charges connected with the account are under his responsibility.
2. The services provided by the third parties and partners of don't belong to a refund guarantee.
3. At the end of period of validity of the contract, the contract will be automatically prolonged for the initial length of the.
4. Domain registration costs are not refunded. Money for SSL certificates doesn't come back.
5. Violation of the General Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy or Anti-spam Policy, leads to the immediate termination of service without refund.

Taxes doesn't bear responsibility for any taxes in connection with the purchases made by the client. The client agrees to accept full responsibility for all taxes and fees of any character connected with the sold products.
Material products
1. The client will provide all needed materials and data. won't make any efforts for verification of this information and its contents, correctness or convenience of use.
2. Using service requires a certain level of knowledge of Internet languages, protocols and using software.
3. Examples: Web publication: Requires knowledge of HTML, the correct placement and configuration of documents, FTP WebSpace etc. CGI scripts: requires knowledge of UNIX, TAR and Gunzip, Perl, CShell scripts, etc. The client agrees that he has necessary knowledge creation of Webspace Client. The client agrees that doesn't bear responsibility for providing the client with this knowledge. won't control information passing through a network.
4. The client accepts this cooperation, according to all rules and agreements. The unwillingness to cooperate and violation of the established rules, can lead to blocking of all accounts / service plans.
5. reserves the right to disconnect any website or the server which pose threat to server safety.
6. Opening of several accounts or plans of service to bypass any restrictions set by, leads to is the termination of all services.
7. doesn't give any guarantees or assurances, whether it is obvious or implied for the provided services. also refuses any guarantees of commodity suitability and doesn't bear responsibility for any costumer’s losses, including losses of data as a result of delays, lack of deliveries or because of client’s mistakes. 8. undertakes to notify the client on refusal of material and to allow the client opportunity to change or modify material to meet requirements of If the client doesn't change material, according to the instruction of the, during the certain period of time which is defined between the parties in advance, the contract is considered terminated.

Trademarks and copyright

The client agrees with use of the trademarks and copyright applicable to all products and contents, through the client's account.

Equipment and software

1. The client bears responsibility for all provided information necessary for access to
2. doesn't guarantee that the equipment of the client will be compatible to the service.

Guaranteed reliability

1.Service guarantees 100% reliability.
2. The customer entitled to compensation, if the customer's web site, database, e-mail, FTP, SSH or web mail become unusable as a result of the accident system.
3. Idle time begins when a customer reports in support of the problem.

Dedicated Server

1. Capacity, pricing and measurement of frequency of the server can be changed at the discretion of Clients will be notified on changes not less than in thirty days.
2. doesn't incur any obligations, for compensation of idle time because of the customer, or for other factors which don't belong to
3. If the client brings payment in 12 months of service, he will be provided with service during this time. Money won't be returned if the client makes the decision to stop cooperation with in the middle of term.
4. The server isn't obliged to update hardware in case of price change or a package of services. The client isn't required to update the equipment after price change.
5. doesn't bear responsibility for safety of a network and of a basic operating system. can take any measures which will consider necessary for safety of your server (it includes application of patches of safety and modernization of all operating system).
6. reserves the right to take any measures for safety and integrity of the service.

Age restrictions

Client confirms that he is of full age (18 years), or a parent or guardian will act as a client in accordance with the terms of this agreement.

Promo Codes

1. Using promo codes, you refuse to specify a destination, which has sent you to server.
2. You cannot change or send promotional code after you've finished registration.
3. Promotional codes are available only to new customers - if you already use one, to place a domain on the account which was used on will be impossible.


Conditions of providing compensation:
1. The done harm as a result of any products provided by the server;
2. Violation of the rules of terms of service;
3. Low-quality services.

Other agreements

The client agrees to meet the conditions stated in this document, and also in other documents which include:
1. Acceptable Use Policy
2. Anti-spam Policy The client undertakes to observe all applicable terms established by the server.


The client can't transfer this contract without written consent of


The above-stated terms of the contract represent consent of the parties. Any changes or modifications of these conditions are coordinated by both parties.

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