Acceptable Policy

The forbidden content and actions.
The following items belong to all products and services, offered by

Illegal activity server can be used only in the lawful purposes. The illegal information transfer contradicting laws of the state, federal, or local state is forbidden. Distribution of pornographic materials, and also information on which authorship there is no license, is strictly forbidden. It is forbidden to use the server for commission of illegal actions.


The sites devoted to discussion of website hacking and etc. are forbidden. Also, use of for receiving access to a network or the server without consent of the owner is forbidden.


Any actions, which can provoke interruptions of the server. It includes DOS attacks or other maliciously adjusted programs.

Anonymous Proxy

Anonymous proxy servers have a negative impact on the operation of networks to which they are connected. For security reasons, the network, anonymous proxy servers are prohibited on

Spam distribution

Customer agrees not to distribute online content containing material about the promotion, sale and unwanted ways of disseminating information. It is forbidden to use network to relay unsolicited information, as well as advertising sites hosted on Complaints about violation of above-mentioned points, lead to cancellation of violator’s account without refund.

Personal information

Use of personal information without consent of the owner is forbidden. It includes: e-mail address, names and other personal identifiers.


In case the IP address of the client is brought in a database of such organizations as “Spamhaus”, the server has the right to take all measures for protection of the IP address. Server has the right for the service termination.

Investment sites

FOREX, egold exchange, etc.

Use of others personal information

Illegal use of personal information is forbidden. It is strictly forbidden to give out itself for other person, by means of use of someone else's e-mail and data, without consent of the owner. It includes substitution of others e-mail address as the sender, for realization of the harmful purposes.

Search spam

The user of undertakes not to conduct the activity concerning the forbidden advance methods. Similar actions can make the extremely adverse effect on server productivity, and are strictly forbidden. Any activity which will have negative impact on work of, and also work of employees, will cause refusal and the termination of service.


According to Acceptable Use Policy, the client promises first of all to use a web hosting for the purpose of placement of the website and other data relating to it. Data have to be loaded first of all for this purpose. The server isn't intended for storage of backup copies and an archiving. The administration of the server has the right to coordinate additional expenses with the client, and also to abolish backup copies at discretion. In case of use of a limit of traffic exceeds monthly norm, a bill for additional use of resources will be paid by the client.

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